Issa Developments & Construction is a highly reputable and well-established property developer based in Larnaca, Cyprus.  We are entirely client-focused, and have an excellent reputation for designing and constructing stylish, contemporary villas and apartments that offer superb build quality-for a fair price. 
It is worth noting that we are a fully integrated concept-design-build firm that not only undertakes the full architectural designs, but we have our own construction company to ensure that the highest standards are met. This also places us in the ideal situation to take advantage of the growth potential that is imminent in the Cyprus property market due to wider global interest. We know that we can create cost-effective structures for residential or commercial needs quickly and efficiently - thereby saving individuals and organisations some of their hard-earned money.
For several years now our focus has been to build on our success; to consolidate our core strengths and develop further our corporate infrastructure, so that we are fully prepared for the new opportunities that are being presented… it is happening - and we are ready!
  • Our Founding Principles

    When the company was first established it was based on the professional expertise of Mr Abdulah Issa, an experienced architect and construction consultant.
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  • An Expanding Group

    With the construction company firmly established, Mr Issa began to move into larger-scale residential and commercial building projects, and in 1993, he formed Issa Developments & Construction.
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  • New Horizons

    With such a fine reputation for the standards of past projects, Issa Developments & Construction grew into the highly respected firm it is today.
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  • How We Conduct Business

    What we do and how we do it are totally driven by our clients, and their objectives. Our primary aim is to understand each client’s property requirements.
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  • Customer Care

    One of our key aims is to succeed in making the entire process of buying a new home a thoroughly enjoyable, stress-free experience for all our clients, with procedures that are simple and efficient.
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  • Careers

    In line with our business expansion plans, we are always looking for the right candidates who are able to work in an ever-changing environment.
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