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Price From (whole building): €1.900.000

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Having been operating successfully in Larnaca for nearly 30 years, we have the experience to offer accurate up-to-date advice to help clients make informed decisions.

Property Management and Maintenance

Individual homes, multi-unit developments and property rental agents all benefit significantly from an effective property management and maintenance strategy that aims to maintain equity, avoid costly repairs, and keep owners and tenants happy.

Live In Cyprus

There are a myriad of reasons why people want to live near the coast in Cyprus apart from the obvious health benefits of living near the sea. There are excellent job opportunities, abundant natural resources, captivating culture, and the wonderful Mediterranean climate.

Founded on architectural innovation and engineering excellence, we create modern buildings that incorporate leading-edge materials, latest technologies and design appeal.

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Cyprus, The Road ahead
Cyprus continues to stand tall and is determined not to waste this crisis, but to turn it into an opportunity to become a more
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Rolling out the Red carpet
Tax-incentives, fast-tracking of permits for large projects and the relaxation of measures to encourage foreign direct investment into the country are sure to strengthen
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Issa announces about title Deeds
The title deeds has been issued for the followin properties Santa Marina (issued) Morpheus apartments Pervolia villas (issued) Lenastell (issued) Issa Court 3(issued) Vergina
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Morpheus title deeds
Morpheus title deeds Issa development has issued the title deeds for Morpheus apartments ,and offers for a limited number of apartments reduced prices
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