Cyprus is perfectly located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. Its first inhabitants can be traced back to 6000 BC, and for hundreds of years, its strategic importance has been well recognised, with a succession of nations occupying the island and making it a stronghold to safeguard their supremacy in the region.
Originally famous for copper, timber and olives, the island attracted merchants and sailors from all over the then-known world. This long trading tradition is still very much alive, keeping Cyprus a centre of business and commerce in the region. It is also a major international banking and offshore business centre, with many companies choosing Cyprus for their regional or global headquarters.
Warm summers and mild winters make Cyprus highly attractive to home buyers looking for a friendly, safe and peaceful place in which to live, work and enjoy life. Diverse topography, ancient cultural heritage and a perfect climate make it a fascinating destination and a sun lover’s paradise. And shopping and entertainment match anything that can be found anywhere in the Mediterranean region.
A member-state of the European Union, and a Eurozone country, Cyprus has a diverse and dynamic mix of tourism, agriculture, industry and commerce. The multicultural workforce is mobile, highly educated and enthusiastic, and infrastructure is modern, with leading-edge communications, excellent healthcare facilities and education to international university standards.

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